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Atlanta's TV will inform, educate, preserve and entertain all viewers while increasing exposure and expanding our broadcasting channels capabilities. We are offering to independent production companies, public figures, filmmakers, entertainment artist and activist as well as everyday people looking to share their gifts, talents, opinions, products & services on social media TV.

Atlanta's Urban Lifestyle channel is now serving your local community with a global vision. We are proud to present your events such as release parties, apparel shop openings, movie premieres, books signing or any other ventures that can benefit from the use of our social media channel in order to inform the public and get the word out.

We will assist in developing, managing and controlling your visual information across our social media TV platforms. Broadcasting across the media handlers digital entertainment televison system as well as other social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Youtube, etc.

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Atlanta's TV is the perfect resource when marketing to Atlanta's natives, visitors, and residents. We are serving your local community with global viewership.

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Atlanta's TV is a social media channel that gives the opportunity to all viewers to broadcast themselves in Atlanta and to the world.
We are always interested in what our viewers and clients have to say in regards to programing on ATLANTA'S TV.

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Create montery gain with Atlanta's TV progessive way of re-editing and delivering broadcast media telvision on a digital platform.