ChannelLiveTV Transmits 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week, 365 days a year in playback mode.

Creating a well-rounded local and national channel in the face of our new online global community which will inform, educate, preserve & entertain all viewers.

ChannelliveTV - Your Urban Lifestyle channel formulated as a unique, upscale, raw but real representation of urban communities which is undoubtedly a critical link in the chains that bind economics, education, entertainment, politics, labor and laws.  

Within the last 15 to 20 years, the urban lifestyle has truly earned its title as a civilization within itself; creating young entrepreneurs solely out of those who understood how to accommodate our communities. The power tool that television becomes to a society that is on the rise. This is the growing audience that ChannelLiveTV serves.  

ChannelliveTV is one of the few premiere IPTV urban network channels based in the United States. We have been broadcasting for over 10 years. ChannelliveTV delivers real television programs on the internet. It looks like real TV because it is real TV situated well within the boundaries of independent urban society. We fully understand there is a growing culture of mature young adults surfacing that is disenchanted by mainstream media. They are now looking towards the internet to find a place that is conducive to their needs and appetite for “what is missing” within the broadcasting entertainment industry.       I.e. Your television.  

ChannelliveTV is that valuable resource in affirming the strength of urban communities in recognizing that the solution to young upstart companies and entrepreneur's economic development will be to embrace the self-sustaining revenue power within the online multimedia industrial marketplace.  

During the next several months ChanneliveTV will expand our broadcasting capability by offering independent production companies, public figures, filmmakers, and entertainment artist the opportunity to utilize our time and day stamp broadcast schedule. For example, your show can air at 8:00 p.m., based on Eastern Standard Time, every Wednesday night on a weekly basis.

ChannelliveTV's methods will add a valuable alternative to internet TV viewing. With the additional capability of our players' technology, viewers will have the ability to sit back and watch streaming TV and or utilize our on demand features such as rating & sharing of our television programs.

The propose of ChannelLiveTV is not to aid the industrial giants in becoming more powerful over us, but to encourage them to become more beneficial toward the urban communities by limiting the exposure opportunities given to corporate giants and increasing the exposure for independent companies to everyday people looking to share their gifts, talents, products, services and opinions online. ChannelliveTV takes a giant leap forward in mankind by creating an equal broadcasting platform that allows us all the opportunity to share in the American dream.

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