Media Handlers, A Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Company, encompassing the full range of Internet multimedia processes. Specializing in publicity, media relations, media consultation, film and video production, Our vast experience in all areas of communication is a strong foundation using traditional and non-traditional methods successfully provides and ensures constant results. 



Educate, Entertain and Inspire. a channel that focuses on programming in several areas: arts, history, science, news and social justice,Through current events, documentaries, lifestyle, cooking and real-life reality based programmes, 

Reality Bites Radio, LPMR.207

Say it here. TALK Radio, Tired of the rhetoric? It’s time to get REAL! From politics to economics, in our pursuit of life, liberty and FREEDOM; we cover it ALL and want you to be a part of the discussion. Is something “biting” your reality? 


TMHG is a full service digital broadcast entertainment company, based in New York. Our client list includes companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world - from global retailers and established developers to private online businessmen. We try to understand every client's needs and never use standard schemes. 

We offer individual solutions and deliver instruments and strategies based on the goals that really matter providing our clients with a host of media services tailored to each client's wants and needs. The ability to grow with each client is part of Media Handlers' quality customer service. As your needs change, we can provide the added service to take you to the next step.

Television and Radio continues to be the most informative method of awareness that delivers information within minutes online as well as satellite and terrestrial Airwaves, Are you a social media entrepreneur in-need of assistants, looking for a budget conscious method of letting people know that your business, product, service or talent exist? 

This revolution is fundamentally changing the way society organizes itself and the way we approach social entrepreneurship. Most companies, entertainment artists, authors, or service providers are now recognize the importance of establishing an Internet presence through a website and social media platforms. To remain competitive, visual content transforms these regular sites in to a live and interactive platforms.  

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Fuel your video marketing & branding strategies w/ high quality, visual presentations, start your campaign with just $99. 

A well-designed video announcement can assist in overcoming limitations, placing your message front and center. 


Websharez is an online social media social networking platform with free video & website sharing options that make it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others, We pride ourselves in having unique content stored in one place, where viewers can gather information from around the world that is shared by you, So start “Sharing your world with the world now!!!! 

In this age of video content online and streaming popular television programs it might be assumed as a whole that we have abandon written media but the reality of it is we remember about 10% of what we hear, 30% of what we read and about 80% of what we see, consider this evidence it is easy to see why we are such a visually dominated Society, With a wider variety of options being rolling out shortly, we suggest that you sign up and create an account today.  

The many ways to be on WebShareTV

The Media Handlers Group, Digital Marketing Firm.

Services local community with global viewership. 

TMHG encourages educational activities, activists and community involvement, we are flexible, knowledgeable and professional. At Media Handlers we like to say, "We speak media" because media is the leading technology that is taking Publicity online at a rapid pace into the next evolution of the Internet, We will be your liaison to expanding the vision for your brand.  

The Media Handlers Group's efforts in building a traditional independent television system online is a generational shift for internet usages today like Youtubers' and other on-demand user-generated video sites, a market leader in independent television services on the world-wide-web, our broadcasting portfolio has proven us to be an established media and distribution company, delivering and functioning like a TV channel exclusively on the Internet for the world to see. 

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TMHG believes ultimately in the core idea that marketing is storytelling, and if you define your story clearly, creatively, and in an aesthetically pleasing manner, your target market will respond enthusiastically. You’re Path. You’re Story.  

You don’t need to be famous, we represent a wide range of small business owners, entrepreneurs, activist, nonprofit organizations, start-up companies in developing, managing and controlling their visual information.  

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