Media Handlers, A Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Company, encompassing the full range of Internet multimedia processes. Specializing in publicity, media relations, media consultation, film and video production, Our vast experience in all areas of communication is a strong foundation using traditional and non-traditional methods successfully provides and ensures constant results. 

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WebSharezTV a dynamic visual platform for Watching Reality Television on the world wide web


Educate, Entertain and Inspire. a channel that focuses on programming in several areas: arts, history, science, news and social justice,Through current events, documentaries, lifestyle, cooking and real-life reality based programs, 

Creating one of the best streaming reality video on-demand program, with monthly installment of 120-minute episodes, hosted by Danilo Ignacio, that includes short film, reality show, social commentary, current events & what's trending online reflecting the values of viewers and listeners, not corporate  advertisers... for this one reason is why we are so highly viewed and trusted by urban America.  

News, Entertainment, and Technology, a virtual Newspaper online for easy reading.


@MediahandlerTV See what's trending online from News, Entertainment, and Technology, a virtual Newspaper online that takes links from our Twitter subscribers and the people we follow and organizes those links into articles  for easy reading, 

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TMHG is a full service digital broadcast entertainment company, based in New York. Our client list includes companies and entrepreneurs from all over the world - from global retailers and established developers to private online businessmen. We try to understand every client's needs and never use standard schemes. 

We offer individual solutions and deliver instruments and strategies based on the goals that really matter providing our clients with a host of media services tailored to each client's wants and needs. The ability to grow with each client is part of Media Handlers' quality customer service. As your needs change, we can provide the added service to take you to the next step.

Television and Radio continues to be the most informative method of awareness that delivers information within minutes online as well as satellite and terrestrial Airwaves, Are you a social media entrepreneur in-need of assistants, looking for a budget conscious method of letting people know that your business, product, service or talent exist? 

This revolution is fundamentally changing the way society organizes itself and the way we approach social entrepreneurship. Most companies, entertainment artists, authors, or service providers are now recognize the importance of establishing an Internet presence through a website and social media platforms. To remain competitive, visual content transforms these regular sites in to a live and interactive platforms.  

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Fuel your video marketing & branding strategies w/ high quality, visual presentations, start your campaign with just $99. 

A well-designed video announcement can assist in overcoming limitations, placing your message front and center. 

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TMHG, A Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Company...

Inform, Educate, Preserve & Entertain...

At Media Handlers we like to say, "We speak media" because media is the leading technology that is taking Publicity online at a rapid pace into the next evolution of the Internet, we create digital media content for service providers, public figures, entertainment artist, activists to publicist and management companies that are delivered not only through our online TV channel & video sharing platform but to many of the mainstream social media networks across the information highway without the loss of commercial appeal, in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can. This venture will put The Media Handlers Group and all clients at the helm of creating positive images of urban communities, up front to a worldwide audience. With stories that speak from the heart and soul of real people making it possible for a unification of generations that will be represented through diverse creative visions.

The use of Digital video online enables stories to not just be told, but rather be experienced by an audience on our free-to-view system that continues to allow thousands of viewers per day to watch any of the channels and subscribers content, our system runs as a video on demand streaming platform, with a progressive way of re-editing and delivering content just like a traditional television channel. This allows 24 hour broadcasting of content, programs, and advertisements throughout our digital broadcast platforms. 

Achieving a Higher Standard of Living:

The experience of the advanced nations shows that advertising is greatly responsible for raising the living standards of the people.  the consuming power of men and creates wants for a better standard of living.” By bringing to the knowledge of the consumers different variety and better quality products, for “established independent professionals” it has helped a lot in increasing the standard of living in a developing economy within America and across the world, which internally becomes beneficial to manufacturers, traders, consumers, and society as a whole. 

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TMHG believes ultimately in the core idea that marketing is storytelling, and if you define your story clearly, creatively, and in an aesthetically pleasing manner, your target market will respond enthusiastically. You’re Path. You’re Story.  

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