The Media Handlers Group

TMHG, Launched in 2001

The Media Handlers Group began streaming audio and video content in 1995 


TMHG, Public relations agency

Whether written, broadcast, or spoken media that reaches to a large audience. This includes television, radio & 


TMHG, Taking publicity online to the next level

Introducing WebSharezTV See What the World is Watching ...


Television: a cornerstone of democracy

 MAINSTREAM MEDIA VS. Alternative media (public broadcasting),  


TV inspires the mind

 television cultivates generosity and care, underpinning many charitable organisations’ fundraising events. Sports events’ broadcasts inspire people to go beyond their personal limits and gather billions of viewers around sound and positive values. 


Offering quality entertainment, television provides an avenue of dreams and wonder to households around the world.

Join the Digital Revolution 

Media KIT


Our passion and tenacity have stirred the hearts, tweaked the ears and opened the eyes of many within our industry, with a full post-production studio in construction located in Harlem NYC, providing our clients with access to the best possible technology available at a very reasonable costs, Allowing us the flexibility to produce Publicity Campaigns, Presentations, Promotions, Press Conferences, Advertisements, Commercials, Infomercials, Announcements, Music videos, Films, Movies and Sitcoms, broadcasting to local marketplaces with global viewership throughout the world on a  24 hour, 365 days of every year base.