Building a sustainable online broadcast network.

Specializing in publicity, media relations, media consultation, film and video production,

A Telecommunications Network for distribution of television program online.

TMHG began streaming audio and video content in 1995. In 1999, we launched our first streaming TV channel and on October, 17th, 2000 we did the first ever live internet TV stream from HSBC Arena; the home of the Buffalo Sabers. More than 2,000 people watched from all over the world. By April of 2001, our channels were getting 1.4 million video views per month. In 2007 Network of Cities TV became The Media Handlers Group.

Within the last 15 to 20 years, the urban lifestyle has truly earned its title as a civilization within itself; creating young entrepreneurs solely out of those who understood how to accommodate our communities. The power tool that television becomes, to a society that is on the rise. This is the growing audience that The Media Handlers Group serves, creating a valuable resource in affirming the strength of urban communities in recognizing that the solution to upstart, grassroots companies, and established entrepreneur's economic development will be to embrace the self-sustaining revenue power within the online multimedia broadcasting industrial marketplace, i.e. digital television online.

Taking a giant leap forward in mankind by creating an equal broadcasting platform that allows us all the opportunity to share in the American dream. The purpose of our Broadcast capability is not to aid the industrial giants in becoming more powerful over us, but to encourage independent companies to everyday people looking to share their gifts, talents, products, services, and opinions online visually to there community and out to the world.

During the next several months THMG will expand our broadcasting capability by broadcasting monthly installments  of a 120 minutes formulated program in episodes which will create not only more on-demand content allowing us the opportunity in becoming  one of the few premiere (IPTV) the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol, broadcasting and "look like" live cable TV channels exclusively on the Internet. 

Broadcasting for over 10 years. We will Deliver real television programs on the internet. Looks like real TV because it is a real TV that is situated well within the boundaries of independent urban society fully understanding there is a growing culture of mature young adults surfacing that is disenchanted by mainstream media. They are now looking towards the internet to find a place that is conducive to their needs and appetite for “what is missing” within the broadcasting entertainment industry, relatively know as Your television.     

TMHG Digital Television online.

Servicing your local community with global viewership.

Consumers now have more opportunities to enjoy television content than ever before. Viewers can watch on multiple screens and interact with fan communities and social platforms. TMHG experience is completed with exclusive online content which is available worldwide, the unrivaled reach and emotional power, television enables effective calls for action during humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and social emergencies. we will reach out to society through programmes and communication campaigns on the environment, healthy eating, physical activity, responsible sexual attitudes and responsible alcohol consumption, with many other Issues of living in an urban Society,

Our Online TV channel is a very popular form of media across all ages. Irrespective of the label applied to young target groups, “digital natives”, “millenials” or “generation Z”, the conclusion is the same: people will now always know a world with the Internet and connected devices. Just like the increase in the number of screens, the amount of time spent in front of each one has been gradually increasing in the past few years. In France, 63.6% of 15  to 35 years old live in a household with 4 screens online channels are not only numerous but they also attract a big share of the audience of people in front of the TV.