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WebSharezTV is a fantastic educational tool. It will broaden knowledge of different cultures, promotes tolerance and global understanding of international issues. Through current events, documentaries, lifestyle, cooking shows and real-life programmes, television encourages scientific and cultural curiosity to ensure that consumers know about new products, services, ideas, and projects. we will strengthen the position of Grassroots entrepreneurs and to existing brands in reassuring consumers about business endeavors that are primarily not featured on the American Broadcasting System.

Television should be a medium that improves the world, triggers the imagination, raises curiosity, encourages education and gathers millions around common interests. In order to be a successful Grassroots entrepreneur, you must be equipped with the right resources to market, advertise and promote your endeavor, A visual presentation explains your businesses point of view 80% more efficient than any other advertisement method.

Our network encourages educational activities, activists and community involvement. We have a very broad reach across a wide range of demographics on many media platforms.

We are committed to bringing visual information to the masses by producing everything from independent projects to corporate events. Our passion and intensity has stirred the hearts, tweaked the ears, and opened the eyes of many within our industry.

Delivering real television programs on the internet. It looks like real TV because it is real TV situated well within the boundaries of independent urban society.  

With a full post production studio we provide our clients with access to the best possible technology allowing us the flexibility to produce publicity campaigns, presentations, promotions, advertisements, commercials, infomercials, announcements, press conferences, live web casts, Films, music videos, movies, and sitcoms in house. vividly created a one stop shop for any visual campaigns, broadening the horizons to the way the public receives and exchanges visual information.  

Services your local community with global viewership.

Consumers now have more opportunities to enjoy television content than ever before. Viewers can watch on multiple screens and interact with fan communities and social platforms. The WebSharezTV experience is completed with exclusive online content which is available worldwide, the unrivaled reach and emotional power, television enables effective calls for action during humanitarian crises, natural disasters, and social emergencies. we will reach out to society through programmes and communication campaigns on the environment, healthy eating, physical activity, responsible sexual attitudes and responsible alcohol consumption, with many other Issues of living in an urban Society, 

Advertise your business on #WebSharzTV No matter your budget, you can display your ads on Digital TV, Mobile Phones, Tablets & Social Networks. Our online advertising options can assist you to reach consumers while they're actively seeking entertainment content online with the option to watch videos, rate and recommend.

Consider us when filming your next social gathering or event.

The Media Handlers Group, WebSharez TV Ad Campaign methods drive awareness and boosting revenue sales by placing a visual presentation effectively across multiple platforms, targeting a highly engaged consumer base with a single digital video, The use of digital video online enables stories to not just be told, but rather be experienced by an audience.

Whether filming a tax seminar, wedding, concert, family gathering, a conference  webisode, or music video we are flexible, knowledgeable and professional. 

Join the Digital Revolution today be on WebSharezTV or start a dialogue about your next visual presentation. email us | call 646 361 7980, The Media Handlers Group, we speak media, A Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Company.

WebSharezTV progressive way of re-editing and delivering our content just like traditional television. 

Our programs run in 30 minutes to one-hour shows within a 8-hour cycle which offer entrepreneurs, entertainment artists, and service providers the opportunity to advertise and promote within our broadcast to local as well as worldwide views. 

Our efforts in building a traditional independent television system online is a generational shift for online usages today like Youtubers' and other on-demand user-generated video sites. Our broadcast channel is delivered and function like a live cable TV channel but exclusively on the Internet, viewers have the ability to sit back, full screen and watch streaming TV or utilized our on-demand selection and stay interactive by rating & sharing program content. Our viewers watch our channel in many different ways via our web pages, & and is listed in major global TV directories, driving audiences from all over the world.


maximize your advertising dollar

Maximize Your Advertising Dollar

Your Visual Advertisements on a Television Channel which is available worldwide

The way you present your product or service is essential to its success.

Designed for enterprises, entertainment artists and small businesses, Save the worry and the hassle, place your merchandise online and start selling today! All you will need is a commercial or promo, a landing page and of course your product. 

Get a 1-minute HD quality video with background music, standard voice-over 

a subtitle, lower thirds, transitions & effects, include two revisions

* Your ads will be displayed on Websharez social media platform to include our Facebook, 

Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube & Pinterest pages periodically throughout the month  

for 30 days after the date of upload, You must provide your video advertising Material, 

You will have the ability to track your ad campaign online, words are easily forgotten, pictures are put away but videos are here for a lifetime, if the cost of video production has been your greatest obstacle in preventing you from having a visual presentation online, will we’re excited to offer this option as a solution. 

$99 special

Fuel Your video marketing & branding strategies. Get started for only $99.  

With video being the new picture of memory and past events, everyone from the independent YouTube users to major corporations are all in need of assistance in handling their visual content across more than just their websites.  

Create an Ad campaign


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A 1-minute HD quality video for advertising on WebSharezTV for 30 days.

Aggregate thousands of viewers per month

WebSharezTV, broadcast quality TV shows from independent filmmakers, directors and producers.

A well rounded local & national look into the Urban American lifestyle, which will inform, educate, preserve and entertain all viewers.

Digital Television: WebSharezTV is a traditional independent television stations broadcasting 24 hours a day online, which provides many quality TV shows from independent filmmakers and producers in the television formatted style. This gives our clients and viewers the opportunity to have an immediate vehicle for any visual presentation viewing within a show or program break. (Click through video ads are available, ask for it in consultation) 

WebSharezTV offers a powerful tool to engage directly with people in a more local and organic fashion visually, making weak ties stronger, bringing people of diverse interest and background who connected watching tv online together to cause action and share conversations on particular pressing issues of the day or any moment in time facilitating public information that now will feed the mainstream media news cycles online.  

In this age of video content online and streaming popular television programs, it might be assumed that as a whole we have abandoned written media. But the reality of it is that as humans we remember about 10% of what we hear, 30% of what we read, and about 80% of what we see. Considering this evidence, it is easy to see why we are such a visually dominated society.

We all know that visual presentations are the most impactful way to get your name and products known, but you don’t need a gazillion dollars to get your brand out there anymore. With WebSharezTV, social media, and The media handlers group, you have an immediate, more personal, and cost-effective team of skilled production professionals. 

Whether in need of consulting, filming, editing or a fully produced video from start to finish Media Handles can be your liaison to expanding the vision for your brand. Join Our Video Networking Solutions Programs Today.

Our vast experience in all areas of communication is a strong foundation using traditional and non-traditional methods successfully provides and ensures constant results. The Media Handlers Group understands that one person cannot do it all; We specialize in publicity, imaging services, website development, audio/video editing, digital broadcasting and presentation video templates, We are flexible, knowledgeable and professional. 

Join the digital Revolution

WebSharezTV marketing plan of action has exploded in the past few months as a way to advertise and drive traffic visually.


“Social media” is a very broad term that includes sites and services like Twitter, Facebook, social bookmarking sites like Digg and, YouTube, linked-in and many more that your visual presentation can broadcasted on Through WebsharezTV functionalities of delivering visual information.


Speak to a live agent or schedule a Consulting Service Call, By email 

You don’t need to be famous, we represent a wide range of small business owners, entrepreneurs, activist, nonprofit organizations, start-up companies in developing, managing and controlling their visual information. be on tv internet tv watch tv online.

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