Lost Pyramids Music Radio

  • LPMR.207 Radio is Our source for Audio distribution to the world in a Digital Radio Station format, current schedule Mon-Fri in the mix  live from 6pm-9pm then into 24 hour broadcasting playback mode, Saturdays 12am-12pm indie mix, then into 24 hour broadcasting playback mode, Every Sundays live at 10 pm Reality Bites Talk Show then into 24 hour broadcasting playback mode. Giving LPMR.207 365 days of the year programming schedule

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Reality Bites TALK Radio

  • Tired of the rhetoric? It’s time to get REAL! From politics to economics in our pursuit of Life, Love, Liberty and FREEDOM; we cover it ALL.



  • 24-hours Indy's & pop culture music radio, with live radio show,  indie Mix  Mon-Fri from 6pm-12am, LPMR.207 Artist Spotlight show with promotional advertisement opportunities to let the world know you exist!!!

Lost pyramids music radio station

Become a Radio DJ or Talk Radio/Podcast host.

“Radio is an excellent venue for sharing messages, creating awareness and discussing important topics,”   LPMR.207 Radio is looking for you! With the overwhelming response from viewers on our digital radio platform  as we now begin to generate our 24-hour programing schedule, you have an option to create a show for playback and become a dj or radio personality within any musical genre now happening now on LPMR.207 Radio. 

DIGITAL BROADCASTING Tune in for some Great Music by many next level independent artist, and join no holds bared conversation on REALITY BITES TALK RADIO...Playing the hottest artist indie, mainstream interviews, Talk show... 

Learn the techniques to generate your own revenue within your program / podcast let LPMR.207 Radio show you how, join a professional organization assisting in maximizing your strength in reaching your broadcast goals online.

Using Radio to Promote Your Business

Learn to advertise locally as well as worldwide. By promoting your product, service or entity to the next potential client or consumers online. Join the digital TV and Radio revaluation happening now with LPMR.207

Take advantage of this opportunity book your ad space position today, with 3 available slots per month this option comes on a first come first severs bases so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information contact us at  646 361 7980

Along with internet TV, radio is a popular and effective medium of traditional, online advertising. Radio programming is oriented around formats; this makes it easy to target your audience and find the sweet spot in your marketing.

Use the Right Amount of Words

The rule of thumb is 65 to 80 words for a 30-second spot. Generally, a 60-second spot will be about 30 to 45 seconds long. You’ll want to be sure to add a phone number, web address or call to action at the end of the copy block. Since most people listen to radio while doing another task, such as driving or cleaning around the house, it’s important not to put too much info in your radio commercial. Radio is a background medium. Focus on one idea or a single theme. When it comes to words, go economy style.

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