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Network of Cities TV began streaming audio and video content in 1995. In 1999, we launched our first streaming TV channel and on October, 17th, 2000 we did the first-ever live internet TV stream from HSBC Arena; the home of the Buffalo Sabers. More than 2,000 people watched from all over the world. By April of 2001, our channels were getting 1.4 million video views per month. In 2007 Network of Cities TV became The Media Handlers Group and to date, our channels have had more than 100 million video streams.

At Media Handlers we like to say, "We speak media" because media is the leading technology that is taking Publicity online at a rapid pace into the next evolution of the Internet, we create digital media content for service providers, public figures, entertainment artist, activists to publicist and management companies that are delivered not only through our online TV channel & video sharing platform but to many of the mainstream social media networks across the information highway without the loss of commercial appeal, in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can... 

  • Educate, Entertain and Inspire. with a channel that focuses on programming in several areas: arts, history, science, news and social justice, Through current events, documentaries, news segments, lifestyle, cooking and real-life reality-based programs, creating one of the best streaming reality video-on-demand program, with a monthly installment of 120-minute episodes, hosted by Danilo Ignacio, that includes a short film, reality shows, social commentary, current events & what's trending online, reflecting the values of viewers and listeners, not corporate advertisers... for this one reason is why we are so highly viewed and trusted by urban America. 


Danilo Ignacio, Creator & founder

Providing a global audience with Reality TV at its Realist. Taking viewers, fans, and clients to an informative level of celebrity awareness online. 

Creating a new age Television Network online.

An expanding International Audience

Our Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Company attracts and reaches a wide variety of viewers & visitors, and the majority of visitors are working professionals.

We Captivate all viewers while blazing a substantial trail in urban awareness by formulating programs based in Reality with Promotions and Marketing in mind. Our network's overall objective is to increase urban televisions' crucial link to the chain that binds economics, education, politics, entertainment, labor, and laws. Creating an enterprise for the various levels of business interactions & transactions that are currently taking place within urban civilization online. Understanding that every business belongs to some form of a trade association.

Maintaining a free-to-view system continues to allow thousands of viewers per day to watch any of our client's visual presentations because our system runs in a streaming on-demand style, this allows 24-hour broadcasting of content, programs, and advertisements on our online digital broadcast platform. All in efforts to expanding the vision for any brand, businesses or services online. Whether you're just in need of a single video for your website or a series of videos for a media campaign, we are flexible, knowledgeable and professional. 

As an Independent digital media production company that will operate within a cooperative studio space 24 hours a day working in affiliation with other indie companies gives us the unique ability in developing all forms of visual digital media from broadcast & TV content, social gatherings, public events as well as content for website and social media entrepreneur, commercials, promo videos, product demos, EPK, entertainment reel, documentaries, short films, indie movies to training videos and music videos all in-house.

Who is Watching?

58.61% Black People/African Americans within the United States & United Kingdom.  33.89% White People/American & European descent.  11.09% Asia, Indians, Latinos, Mainlanders none white. Age demographics Male adults; 17 thought 55 of age. Female adults; 15 thought 65 of age. 


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Known for our holistic perspective:

TMHG's broadcasting channel reflects the values of everyday viewers and listeners.

Our Boutique Relationships approach pursues diversity as a value that not only includes race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, age, and gender, but also many other aspects that make people unique: backgrounds, opinions, experiences, perspectives, and life situations.

Unlike mainstream broadcasting systems throughout the world, Media Handlers do not rely upon the government as a primary source of funding. On average, federal funding amounts to less than 14% of a station’s budget, with the remaining 86% coming from local sources. However, this federal support is critical seed money for local stations that leverage each federal dollar to raise over six more dollars from local sources to provide the American public with the highest quality Media distribution at a reasonable rate.

Expanding our broadcasting capability, which will create not only more on-demand content but allowing us the opportunity in becoming one of the few premier urban (IPTV) the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol, that broadcast and "looks like" live cable TV exclusively on the Internet raising the awareness level among the urban diaspora though out the world visual.