Creating Public Awareness

Publicity. ... The subjects of publicity include people (for example, politicians and performing artists), goods and services, organizations, and works of art or entertainment. Publicity is gaining public visibility or awareness for a product, service, or company via the media...  We Uniquely provide an opportunity for businesses and artists to build a base of public awareness for there Product, Services, Talent, or Craft, offering a variety of video production styles that cater to individual sellers and small businesses, our goal is to make selling products and services online easier with high-quality affordable video ads, commercials, promotions, and infomercials that give any business the competitive edge  

To make a great low-cost ad, we start with a script. You can write it yourself or we can write it. If we write it, it helps if you can give us as much information as possible -  including the three most important ideas you need to get across in the ad. 

The three things you most want people to remember when you run your ad - the last of those ideas being the most important, which is what you want them to do when they see your ad. Go to a web site, call a phone number, visit your store, whatever it is, that "call to action" is most important. 

                         What is Included:

  •  The Digital Broadcast Version 
  •  Script Writing - Up to 3 approval scripts for your review.  
  •  Professional Narration - you choose the narrator 
  •  Music from our royalty-free library.  
  •  Stock footage from our collection. Or, use your logo, pictures, and video.  


Taking viewers virtually into a day in the life of an entrepreneur, entertainment artists, activist,
NEW For 20/20

A Day in the Life OF

Taking viewers virtually into a day in the life of an entrepreneur, entertainment artists, activist, or committee organization leader, which usually can be a few seconds to several minutes in length. This provides an effective way to communicate a variety of messages through a video that speaks directly to clients.

Getting Started-1st approval of the visual demo. We can change it up to FOUR TIMES..

Once we have an approved script from you, we create an unlisted online 1st Approval version of your ad. You can then make changes and we will do it again. To keep the prices low, after you purchase the ad, we can revise the finished ad four times – that means producing up to four revised versions of the ad. This allows you to see a revised version based on your changes after seeing the 1st approval version, order more changes, see that new version, order more changes, see the next version, order more changes, and see one more new version. This should give anyone enough changes to get it very close to what they envisioned unless they start making new changes to the ad that were never mentioned in the original script.                                                 

Are there any additional or hidden costs? 

You can create some extra costs if you add things 

that are not included in the basic pricing, such as: 

  • Actors and extras
  • Sending or uploading the ad to any websites. 
  • Spokesperson, shooting with a video crew.
  • Adding a custom jingle, adding 2D or 3D animation   

You also may create an additional charge if you change your ad after you give us final approval. For example, if you give final approval on a script that is sent to one of the narrators and then change it after they read it, they will charge us to read it again with new changes. That’s why I usually do the narration for your 1st Approval Version - that way you can hear it before we send it to one of the other narrators - and if you just like my narration (a lot of clients do), of course, I’ll do changes in the narration for you without additional cost. 

We require payment of 50% in advance for all video production: 

After you approve the script we will begin working on your approval demo. 

You will receive an email with your script attached. You can, of course, make any changes to the script you like. Please keep in mind that the final script must be read by a narrator in under 30/:60 seconds. We will also let you know if any script changes would add to the cost of your commercial. 

After your demo is completed we will send you a link to view the demo online. If you want changes, you can send those to us using email. We will make changes and create up to four versions at no charge. If you ask for changes that incur additional charges we will notify you by email so that you can make a decision about moving forward with the changes.