Launch, manage and maintain your Ad campaigns

Launch, manage and maintain your Ad campaigns

  TMHG offers a variety of video production styles that cater to individual sellers and small businesses, our goal is to make selling product and services online easier with high quality affordable video ads, commercials, promotion and infomercials that give any business the competitive edge.

Telling YOUR Story

The first thing to do is to select a theme for your video marketing strategies.


Most companies, entertainment artists, authors, or service providers recognize the importance of establishing an Internet presence through a website and social media platforms. But to remain competitive, video content transforms these regular sites and platforms to live and interactive website platforms.

Numerous products and services are sold every day through the power of video marketing,
whether there called a promotional, commercial, advertisement or infomercial.

Understanding that very few viewers, listeners or readers will take action after just one or two exposures of your Talent, Product or Service. The key to awareness is to say the right things often enough that your message becomes what the viewers think of immediately and feel the best about when they need to purchase from your business. It sounds counterintuitive, but Repetition, Repetition and more Repetition are the keys to awareness of your Talent, Product or Service.

We all know that visual presentations are the most impactful way to get your name and products known, but you don’t need a gazillion dollars to get your brand out there anymore. With the web, social media, and media handlers you have an immediate, more personal, and cost-effective team of skilled production professionals. Launch, manage and maintain your Ad campaigns


A conveyed message typically to market and promote a wide variety of goods, services, and ideas ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes.
The purpose is to convince the target audience to buy a product.  


A promotional or promo video is an effective tool used to market a particular product or service. It can be in the form of a corporate video or a music video. ... Promotional videos are succinct as their purpose is to provide the most information in the shortest amount of time and to maintain the viewer's interest 


 A direct response visual presentation which generally includes a phone number and website url containing a long-form commercial which is typically between 3 to 5 minutes in length. Infomercials aim towards retail sales, which invite the consumer to call or take other direct action.

About Us:

A 5 to 7-minute walk though style formatted presentation on a website platform, which includes imaging from the client’s site with Voice over lower thirds URL listing and other features to take action within the web site.

A Day in the Life OF :

Taking viewers virtually into a day in the life of an entrepreneur, entertainment artists, activist, or committee organization leader, which usually can be a few seconds to several minutes in length. This provides an effective way to communicate a variety of messages through a video that speaks directly to clients, customers, even employers. From meeting the owner to visiting your establishment on site 

Video is the best medium to tell your story.


Create | Promote | Manage

  • A good introductory video, at the very least, can help establish credibility and demonstrate that the business has people.

    All good web videos need certain things, which include scripting, story-telling, location, lighting, verbal/visual delivery, shooting, sound, editing, titles/graphics, music, video file settings, video size, SEO compliance, page placement, and browser compatibility.

    Remember, you don’t have to know all these things yourself, or you may choose to do only some of these things yourself.  That’s why Media Handlers is here.  We can handle it all for you or guide you in any part of it. 

That’s why we created our various “Shoot Your Business” packages.  You can choose how you would like to work with us, taking on all, some, or none of the tasks yourself.  Yes, we can help with the videos or do it all.  Either way, we’re here to make sure you produce effective videos for your business.

Successful business owners and managers take pride in their businesses and have a passion for what they do.  Quality videos placed properly on a business’ website are crucial to the foundation of the business’ image. 

All businesses, from the pizza place in Brooklyn to a top retail chain, can leverage this new video consumption to grow their revenue. By focusing on authenticity, and providing a clear, measurable action path, video can become a valuable component of any online marketing effort.

Start with any size budget, How much you invest is up to you - there are no minimum budget requirements and no minimum terms. Media handlers pride themselves in utilizing traditional & nontraditional methods in business to produce innovative ways for our company, clients, and viewers to continue to do business in America as usual even in economic hardship.

The Media Handlers Group is a professional video production company focused on visual storytelling for your brand. Professional video producers, directors, digital video editors, graphic artists, and inspired storytellers with the experience to make your high definition video a unique, successful creation


  •  Publicity is the public visibility or awareness for any product, service, or company. It may also refer to the movement of visual information from its source to the general public. 


  •  Advertising is the action of calling public attention to an idea, goods, or service, specifically intended to inform and/or influence one or more persons in repetition.