TMHG Global TV Network


Internet Video / Internet TV – or iTV for short – is wide open, it is global, and in true “Enterprise Web 2.0” spirit, it is the direct-to-consumer opportunity. 

  • With the start of 2020, we have successfully been building our teams and relationships with other like-minded production companies, filmmakers,  venture capitalist, venues, and organizations although there are a variety of networks on the Internet & on Cable Broadcast Television, no "LIVE" station offers programming tuned into the needs of empowering grassroots organization, small businesses, charities, and aspiring artist. 

In the world of traditional TV, a few super-powerful conglomerates control the majority of the airwaves. But with The Media Handlers Group ownership of a global Internet "LIVE" TV Station, viewable by virtually anyone in the world with access to a high-speed Internet connection, is attainable by ordinary citizens, Businesses, Civic Groups, Schools, Churches, Charities, Political figures or Organizations, with television being one of the most important means of communication that delivers information to millions within minutes, This venture will put our entertainment Broadcasting Company and all clients at the helm of creating positive images of urban Civilization to a worldwide audience. With stories that speak from the heart and soul of real people making it possible for a unification of generations that will be represented through diverse creative visions.

There is a growing culture of mature young adults surfacing that is disenchanted by mainstream, they are looking to find a place that is catering to them. Their needs are simple but their appetite is hungry for “what was” in entertainment. This is the growing audience that The Media Handlers Group, serves. According to Michael Chatman, nation’s top youth audience communicators, our youth, “… are better educated, more creative, and more techno-savvy than any other generation and can get information from around the world almost instantaneously. They’re more alike than different, celebrate differences in culture, and are more entrepreneurial at younger ages”.

The media handlers Group (TMHG) feeds that craving not only for the artists but for the patrons that crave that creative edge in the independent broadcasting industry. We provide more than just a stage. We are a worldwide medium through which we are the eyes and the ears to popular independent art that allows for messages to be seen heard and counted hence, “bringing the light to the limelight”.

TMHG is a market leader in digital broadcasting services online, our portfolio has proven us to be an established media and distribution company, delivering and functioning as a cable TV channel exclusively on the Internet, the benefits of placing your visual presentation on Media Handlers TV, unlike YouTube and FaceBook they are aggregators, mash-ups, and user-generated video gateways. TMHG will be an actual television network online; creating and producing its own original programming to broadcast quality traditional TV programs, documentaries, news, sitcoms and webisodes from independent filmmakers and production companies across the globe. 

Developing a new urban, 21st-century Video/television culture.

For many years specific broadcasting companies have openly confessed to not having Urban Culture in mind when creating positive imagery of Young America. 

To avoid accusations of libelous statements within this proposal, we will refrain from revealing those individuals. Through this is a known fact, we continue to support those who neglect to consider us as the major consumers we consistently prove to be. The purpose of our Network is not to aid the industrial giants in becoming more powerful over us but to encourage them to become more beneficial toward the urban communities. 

Our primary target audience will lean toward those of Urban Decent, of  Black/ Hispanic Origin.  Both groups have shown themselves to be enormously creative and connoisseurs of American products, attempting to break through the monopoly of today’s broadcasting industry. TMHG, WebSharezTV broadcasting platform has the potential of becoming one of the Only True online Urban Television Networks within America that will broadcast to the world about the independent society doing it for themselves. and with this implementation of creating new images that are gender positive recognition of Urban America will create a more, well-rounded, local and national audience in the face of the new global economy and community. As technology brings the world closer a clearer understanding of Urban America is critical as they continue to grow economically, politically and socially. 


According to URBAN ONE

 91% of Blacks believe advertising on black media is more relevant. 

Broadcast Streaming "LIVE" TV

Statement of purpose

TMHG Global TV Network is a North American Urban lifestyle channel free-to-view television that is owned by The Media Handlers Group established to provide urban culture the opportunity to Influence, enhance, promote and preserve the urban experience exclusively on the information highway. Those Featured on our Network will be established, independent professionals. with a live event series, news, sports, reality tv, and entertainment programming content will give our company a robust digital Broadcasting Television Network online. 

Now that you can view your favorite TV stations online, and discover the thousands of stations that are only available over the internet, we are inspired by the combined power of  Original content, user-generated media, and archive programming with the tools of journalism to discover innovations that can change the world. This initiative challenges the conventional top-down format of mainstream media Outlets and rewards contributors who are working to solve these problems by exposing them to the public and igniting both a conversation and enlightenment to assist in finding the best solutions in moving the Planet Forward visually. 

As per the beginning of our broadcast debut, September 2020, we will provide eight hours of primetime programming each week (along with six hours on Saturdays and five hours a week during the daytime) simultaneously broadcasting different programs throughout an eight-hour eastern standard time, leaving our affiliates (independent production houses) to fill time slots where network programs are not broadcasting.

TMHG Global TV Network broadcast live feed refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time. With the ability to deliver in played back mode allows us to broadcast media content 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.



  •  Publicity is the public visibility or awareness for any product, service, or company. It may also refer to the movement of visual information from its source to the general public. 



  • Advertising is the action of calling public attention to an idea, goods, or service, specifically intended to inform and/or influence one or more persons in repetition...