WebSharezTV (WSTV) internet tv, social media tv,our television channel online will strengthen the position of urban grassroots entrepreneurs, plus will be beneficial to existing brands in reassuring consumer knowledge about business endeavors that are primarily not featured on the American Broadcasting System. 

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  • Be on WebSharezTV, We represent a wide range of small business owners, entrepreneurs, activist, nonprofit organizations, start-up companies.


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  • A free-to-view system continues to allow thousands of viewers per day to watch any of our content 

WebSharez Social Network

WebSharez Social Network

  • Create a channel for business or personal Sign into Websharez on a computer or mobile device. Go to your channel list. Fill out the details to name your new channel and verify your account. 

What's on WSTV, Current & future programming

WebSharezTV "LIVE"

  • Your host, Danilo Ignacio Live from the epicenter of the universe,Harlem New York City, with his own brand of social commentary on everything under the SUN, with topics such as racial inequality, the 40/40 rut, Politics as Usual, join in on no-holds-barred conversation, WSTV premiere  Runtime 1:50:27

The Demolished The Mic

  • Back by popular demand, Demolish the MIC Showcasing Actors, Models, Singers, Rappers #Lyricist, Comedian, Spoken Word Artists, Entrepreneurs Register Today for The industry's Insider, The Demolish the Mic, every first & third Thursday of the month @ 735 Bar & Lounge located in Harlem, New York. Runtime 37:22

RNB STIZZ ON DA BENCH_Making of the Music Video

  • WebSharezTV_Television Pilot-RNB STIZZ ON DA BENCH_Making of the Music Video in New York City.  Runtime 22:53

Milk + Honey: episode 1

  • Milk + Honey is a scripted series that follows the spiritual, professional and romantic journeys of four young and ambitious women navigating the lights, smoke and mirrors of hollywood. executive produced by idris elba & brown paper dolls. milkandhoneyseries.com 

GIANTS | Season 1: Making the Series

  •  Go behind the series with the creator, cast and crew of GIANTS for an in depth look at the making of season one. 

35 and Ticking

  • Four friends (Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones, Kevin Hart, Keith Robinson) struggle to figure out where their lives are heading as they approach their mid-thirties. 

WebsharezTV, Broadcast Programming, Be on TV, WebsharezTV.com an independent television channel

WebSharezTV, broadcast yourself to the world...


WebsharezTV.com an independent television channel that offers one of the best streaming reality video on-demand program, with monthly installment of 120-minute episodes, hosted by Danilo Ignacio, that includes short film, reality show, social commentary, current events & what's trending online reflecting the values of viewers and listeners, not advertisers... for this one reason is why we are so highly viewed and trusted by urban America. To contact  please email webshareztv@gmail.com or call. 646.361.7980  

Educate, Entertain and Inspire. A channel that focuses on programming in several areas: arts, history, science, news and social justice,Through current events, documentaries, lifestyle, cooking and real-life reality based programmes,  WebSharezTV Embraces the Digital Future of broadcasting online content that is now available through cable, satellite, the Internet, and wireless devices. 

During the next several months we will create not only more on-demand content allowing us the opportunity in becoming  a (IPTV) the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol, broadcasting and "look like" live cable TV channels exclusively on the Internet.  

WebSharezTV is committed to creating a multi-platform presence, to be available anywhere at any time to the public it serves. Partnering with content providers / independent production houses to Local broadcasters and other community organizations to make great content available to the public for free on mobile devices, teaming up with start-ups and innovators to break new ground in educational and informational thought visual materials delivered not only through our online TV channel & video sharing platform but to many of the mainstream social media networks across the information highway without the loss of commercial appeal, in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can. 

WSTV  Ads are split into two networks, our Video Display Network, Websharez.com social media platform, When advertising on the Video Search Network, businesses place Video, flyers, musical ads on the platform that is target audience optimized for search engine results with social media sharing needs embedded within the platform. 

Unlike mainstream broadcasting systems throughout the world, WebSharezTV does not rely upon the government as a primary source of funding. On average, federal funding amounts to less than 14% of a station’s budget, with the remaining 86% coming from local sources, donation, and “established independent professionals” 

Creating Advertising, at a gross rating point (GRP), is a measure of the size of an advertising campaign by a specific medium or schedule. It does not measure the size of the audience reached. ... GRPs are used predominantly as a measure of media with high potential of exposures and impressions to future clients, customers, and viewership needs across the information highways broadcasting medium that is well-established with over 65,000 viewers that makes video ads easy to place on our broadcasting network, WebSharezTV, SEE WHAT THE WORLD IS WATCHING!! 

Our channel encourages educational activities, activists and community involvement. We have a very broad reach across a wide range of demographics on many media platforms. 

During the next several months WebSharezTV will expand our broadcasting capability by offering independent production companies, public figures, filmmakers, and entertainment artist the opportunity to utilize our time & day stamp broadcast schedule. For example, your show can air at 8:00 p.m., every Wednesday night on a weekly basis, based on Eastern Standard Time, allowing us the opportunity in becoming  one of the few premiere (IPTV) the delivery of television content over a live Internet Protocol, broadcasting and "looking like" live cable TV channels exclusively on the Internet.  

Every quarter, producers can apply for a regularly scheduled series, which is a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly program. You will need to provide us with a unique pilot episode first, Every episode must be either 28-minutes or 58-minutes long.

WebSharezTV allow filmmakers and videographers the opportunity with our  progressive way we re-edit and deliver visual presentation that includes promotions and advertisement material throughout a broadcast schedule time slot.

The purpose of WSTV is not to aid the industrial giants in becoming more powerful over us, but to be beneficial toward “established independent professionals”   by limiting the exposure opportunities given to corporate giants, an increasing the exposure for independent companies to everyday people looking to share their gifts, talents, products, services and opinions online by creating an equal broadcasting platform that allows us all the opportunity to share in the American dream.

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WebSharezTV a dynamic platform for Watching Television on the worldwide web, we at TMHG are inspired by the combined power of user-generated media and the tools of journalism to discover innovations that can change the way the world watches TV. 

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